In our point of sale in Caraglio, a few kilometers from Cuneo, all typical products of Italian cuisine are available:
agnolotti, cappelletti, gnocchi, fresh pasta, ravioli, tagliatelle, tagliolini, tortellini, ravioli del plin, Valgranotti with Castelmagno cheese.

Prepared exclusively with natural ingredients such as potato flakes, wheat flour 00, durum wheat flour, eggs and selected meat.
They are frozen immediately and brought to the temperature of -18 without adding any kind of preservatives, to guarantee a genuine product with superior quality.

Our timetable
Monday » from 8 to 12 and from 14,30 to 18
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday » from 7,30 to 12 and from 14,30 to 18
Thursday » from 8 to 12, afternoon closed
Saturday » from 7,30 to 12, afternoon closed
Sunday » closed